1. I would definitely recommend this gym

    I do CrossFit in CT, and was coming through CO for the holidays. I always have very high expectations for coaches when it comes to their knowledge of our bodies, etc. Jeff was fantastic and surpassed my expectations. He is in tune with the form of everyone in class, and makes it a priority to give everyone one-on-one attention. Lastly, he will go out of his way to fix any problems someone might be…Read More

  2. The best decision I have ever made

    If you know me, I am not one to boast about myself. I started CrossFit with Jeff September 2014 without any expectations. I was overweight and out of shape. I work full time and have three girls that keep me very busy. Of course they were my excuse not to join a gym sooner. I have tried everything under the sun to get fit over the years on my own. Of course without any success. I have had an enzym…Read More

  3. Enjoying every minute of it

    I am a returning CrossFitter that has been away for several years and was wanting a CrossFit gym that did not have all the super macho attitude. Before ever making a decision, I walked in and observed one of Centripetal’s classes. Jeff’s approach was very focused on the individual and not on the time or weight, but good form. Jeff will comment on your form during the WOD without hesitation. Hi…Read More