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5 Health Benefits Of CrossFit Workouts

You know that CrossFit workouts are a great way to get your body into physical and mental shape. You can target stubborn fat, increase your muscle mass and look the best you ever have in your life.

But what are the specific health benefits of being a regular CrossFitter? Here are five substantial health benefits our clients experience after consistently coming to class that extends past the improvement of their visual physique.

1. They’re intense.

Well….duh. The classes at CrossFit are fast-paced and effective — that’s why we all become addicted to the feeling we get after we complete a WOD! But the intensity of our workouts are amazing for improving heart health and joint mobility. By incorporating non-stop, condensed movement in our workouts, your body gets a concentrated shot of exercise that burns your internal system in the best way possible.

2. They’re dynamic and efficient.

We like to constantly change things up at our CrossFit gym, whether that’s regularly introducing new exercises or mixing up the routine of class. People tend to get bored with workouts that are always the same every time they show up. We never want to bore you, which is why you can always expect a multidimensional workout that is more than a basic circuit of lifting weights and cardio.

We design our WODs to include a variety of exercises that push and challenge multiple areas of your body — all in one quick and efficient workout. You can expect your workout to improve your stamina, coordination, flexibility, strength, speed, balance and endurance.

3. Overall improved heart health.

You probably already know this, but your heart rate will get pretty high when you are in the middle of a WOD. In fact, data shows that some CrossFit users’ heart rates were elevated to 90 percent of their maximum heart rate during a CrossFit workout. Guidelines in the fitness industry suggest a maximum heart rate anywhere between 64 and 94 percent to improve cardio endurance.

Improving your overall cardio endurance is great for the health of your heart. Studies have shown that regular cardiovascular exercise will drop your resting heart rate because fewer heartbeats are necessary to pump blood to your heart. That’s a good thing, which is why we incorporate some sort of cardio-related activity into every one of our workouts.

4. They promote lifestyle changes.

When you sign up for classes at our CrossFit gym, you’ll be surrounded by like-minded folks who have similar health and fitness goals as yourself. These individuals will encourage and inspire you to live a healthier lifestyle, whether that’s through exercise or eating habits. There are several positive lifestyle habits you’ll develop when you start regularly working out at our CrossFit gym, all of which are extremely beneficial.

5. You can build personal relationships during them.

Nothing builds a bond like working toward a common goal. The people you’ll work out with in our classes will become some of your best friends — something that naturally happens when you spend an hour a day with the same awesome people. They’ll push you and cheer for you when things get tough.

Building personal relationships is fantastic for your health, as making new friends is proven to increase your mood and overall state of mind.

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As an experienced CrossFitter, you probably have experienced most, if not all, of these health benefits first-hand. Keep your streak going! We provide all new clients (experienced or not) a free one-on-one intro session to show you the phenomenal culture we’ve established at our CrossFit gym in Erie.

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