1. Programing week of 8-13-2018

    Monday: Tabata this Tuesday: 3 rounds for time with 2 minute rest between each round Run 1 lap 21 thrusters Run 1 lap 15 chest to bar pull-ups Wednesday: Deadlift 5 rep max, 3 rep max and 1 rep max Warm down 2 minutes of burpees to 1 foot target Thursday: 20 min amrap: Farmers carry 35/25 1 lap 5 hs…Read More

  2. Programming Week of Aug 6th

    Monday: Row 42,000 Meters. :) (just kidding unless you are bill) Snatch balance 5x3 increasing load every set For time: 15 min cap 30-24-18-12-6 Sit ups Dumbbell snatch 50/35 Mountain climber knee to elbow SDLHP 32/20 (with kettlebell) Challenge: Practice Overhead squat For time: 30-24-18-12-6 Sit u…Read More

  3. Programming Week of 7-30-2018

    Monday: 12 Rounds for time: 1 lap 7 kettlebell swings 24/16/8 or row 150 Tuesday: Front Squat 1 rep max Wednesday: 8 Rounds for time 8 Chest to Bar Pull ups 8 Deadlift 225/155 Thursday: 18.1 20 min for time: 8 toes to bar 10 Dumbbell hang clean 14 cal row. Friday: Linear tabata: 8 Linear Tabata roun…Read More

  4. Programming Week of July 23

    Monday: 4 count warm up (push ups, flutter kicks, mountain climbers, perfect jumping jacks) 5, 10, 15 hand off count every round 5 rounds for time with partner: Pick down and back 200m to cone or row 250m partner holds 45/35 plate over head (if shoulder tight barbell) *any break in overhead form res…Read More

  5. Programming Week of July 16

    Monday: 3 min work 3 min rest Double undres (plate jumps) Burpee over box (walking burpee over bench) Tire flip jump through (sand bag and body over bench 60/30) rig over (yoke over at belly level) Tuesday: Karen: 150 wall ball shots for time 20/14 (100 for time, push press wall ball if needed) Part…Read More

  6. Programming Week of July 9th

    Monday: Challenge: 30/18/9 Wallball Shots 14/10 Sit Ups CrossFit: 42/30/18 Wallball shots 20/14 Sit ups Tuesday: Challenge: 4 rounds for time: 15 KBS 16/12 30 Plate Jumps 45 CrossFit: 4 Rounds for time: 15 Power Cleans 115/75 50 Double Unders Wednesday: Deadlift 8x3 at same Weight Thursday: For weig…Read More

  7. Programing week of 7-1-2018

    Programing week of 7-1-2018 Monday: Isabell 30 Snatches for time 135/95/65/Broom stick Challenge: (or if you didn’t squat snatch, scale to this) Row 500m, 30 double Russian KBS, Row 500m Tuesday: With a partner complete as many reps as possible of the following movements in 16 minutes: Ring Dip (H…Read More

  8. Programing week of 6-25-2018

    Programing week of 6-25-2018 Monday: (25 min cap) 1-2-3-5-7-13-17-23 reps for time of: Toes to bar/toes to waist/reverse sit ups Gobblet Squats 24/16/8 Dumbbell Snatch 50/35/20 Tuesday: Front Squat 8x3 at the same weight for max weight Wedensday: Cindy: 20 min AMRAP: 5 pull ups 10 push ups 15 air sq…Read More

  9. Programing week of 6-18-2018

    Programing week of 6-18-2018 Monday: Warm-up Circuit: 5-4-3-2-1 Hand Stand Push Up (Push ups) Strickt Toes to Bar (Reverse Sit ups) Turkish Get up 16/12 (12/8) Pistol (banded pistol) Push Jerk for max 3 reps - this is the real focus please allow 40 minutes to work on a heavy jerk. Tuesday: Athlete m…Read More