Enjoying every minute of it

I am a returning CrossFitter that has been away for several years and was wanting a CrossFit gym that did not have all the super macho attitude. Before ever making a decision, I walked in and observed one of Centripetal’s classes. Jeff’s approach was very focused on the individual and not on the time or weight, but good form. Jeff will comment on your form during the WOD without hesitation. His attitude is very positive and has the knowledge to break down (simplify) the exercise so you can work up to the full exercise. Through this technique, my form has improved by an order of magnitude since my last CrossFit gyms.

I have been with Centripetal CrossFit for 1 year (2 years post shoulder surgery) and have been enjoying every minute of it. The gym is pleasant and pleasing with awesome members of all ages and sizes. My wife and I now go more often than we have in the past. Thank you Jeff.