Ken came to Centripetal CrossFit having lost 60# on his own but had stalled on progress and was preparing for his first ever marathon. At the time of this post he as been a athlete with us for 8 months and has now lost a total of over 100 pounds!!!

Ken is a database administrator, husband and father of 3. A few things we love about him are the cheerful attitude he has every day, his hard work in every workout and his consistency coming to the gym. As a coach I’ve noticed he is always learning, asking good questions about why we do what we do and how to best improve. This also keeps us on our toes because Ken challenges those around him in a supportive way to improve at their craft weather that be training, writing code or blogging. What other people tell us about him is that they are impressed with his progress, ability to kick butt in kick ball, and love how sweet he is.