I wanted to do a little post here to follow up on our email about the partnership with Studio Love Yoga and Elevate Fit Club. First lets start with who can take advantage of this partnership and how you can take advantage of it.

This is a new perk that started January 1st 2018, and is included with your membership to Centripetal CrossFit, for our monthly members. So, if you’ve got a contract with us, we’ve got you covered for a Yoga class (with Studio Love Yoga) and a Pilates Class (with Elevate Fit Club), one each per week. To take advantage of this, visit either respective website and email them to let them know you’re coming. Websites are; elevatefitclub.com and studioloveyoga.com, emails are; info@elevatefitclub.com and studioloveyoga@gmail.com.

So, pretty simple.

Step 1: Go to their website and see what class works with you.

Step 2: Email to let them know you are coming.

Step 3: Show up, smile, enjoy.

So, where did this come from? Why are we doing it?

It’s been on my mind for some time to get in more mobility work and focus on core control as a part of class more. That being said, it’s not our focus in the gym like it is for Yoga and Pilates. We are first and always a general physical fitness gym. Our focus is being the best at the most things! That being said, we are not the best at everything, strongmen (people) :), Triathletes, gymnasts, you name it are better at their thing than we are at their thing; they are specialists, and should be better. But we can learn from, and benefit from this expertise and improve toward our goal for GPP (general physical preparedness) and the highest capacity across all domains. The purpose of our program is the best base possible to learn new sports, enjoy all the opportunities of life you can find, and remain healthy and active as long as possible. Partnering with these programs helps with that goal.

Additionally we hope this helps our community grow and does the same for Elevate and Studio Love.

One thing I’ve heard a few different ways a few different times is: “It’s just so expensive to have multiple memberships!” (Also, please thing of ANY gym membership as an investment in your health, happiness and longevity; not an expense.) We do hear you, and this is for now our solution. With the background of spending extra money and our goal of being as good as possible at as many things, we also hear some form of: “Wow this week really beat me up, I want to do something today, I still want to be productive. BUT I don’t know if I can be productive in a WOD.” Yup, we hear you, and it happens to all of us; that there is a magic combination of days where you just get beat up. It’s not the same combination for everyone, though it does happen to everyone.

Our hopes is two fold. If, one, you’ve been on the fence about signing up because of expense, this helps. Secondly, when you do want to move and spend some time to work on yourself, but you know the days workout is too much for some reason, you can.

It’s a very cool perk to offer with your membership, and having now done both a Pilates class and Yoga, they both have different benefits and explore which you think will be helpful. It might surprise you to learn you like yoga…