1. Order of Operations in Training

      Effective exercise is about more than just going through the motions. In order to get the most out of your training time and ensure safety, it is important to follow a specific sequence of operations. The following is a proven method for optimizing your exercise routine: Move correctly: The most …Read More

  2. The Snatch

    The snatch is a complex and technical Olympic weightlifting movement that involves lifting a barbell from the ground to an overhead position in one fluid motion. While it may not be a movement that is commonly included in everyday gym workouts, it is an exercise that offers a wide range of benefits …Read More

  3. The Deadlift!

    The deadlift is a fundamental strength training exercise that involves lifting a weight off the ground from a stationary position. It is a compound exercise, which means it works multiple muscle groups simultaneously, and is particularly effective at building strength in the posterior chain, includi…Read More

  4. COVID-19 And your options/actions to take

    Athletes! The gym and COVID-19! https://youtu.be/JHOLdT_TUZw What do we do! What are we doing?! I know some of you are concerned and this is effecting your daily life. At the gym, we are not adjusting our schedule, but we are adjusting some of the habits to protect you through this! 3 Major things: …Read More

  5. March Personal Records

    Firstly, great job to everyone in the Open this year! We hope you had as much fun as the coaches did. It was great to see people focus on some of their least favorite movements and kick butt at those they love. Please congratulate these guys on Personal Records they earned in March! Coach Tina: 13 C…Read More

  6. Febraury Accomplishments – Ken’s note

    Again in February we had great results, progress, and fun. But in the center of the board, still even today, is “Getting to know everyone at the gym. – Ken Wilson” We think notes like this are one of the greatest parts of our gym! Thank you everyone who comes making this a place people love. T…Read More

  7. 18.1 Saturday Festivities, Pictures and Scaling vs Rx’d

    Thank you all who came to workout, support, and cheer. It was a great time and the next 4 weeks should only get better. Scaling vs RX’d: This is something as coaches we talked with several athletes about. It can be a hard choice when looking at the workouts to decide if you want to go scaled or Rx…Read More

  8. 18-1 CrossFit Open Individual Warm up

    Hey guys, For Satruday morning as you trickle in to complete your 18.1 here’s your warm up video. In addition to these movements please do your normal “business” pass-thoughs if you do them everyday, hamstring or hip openers etc. When that’s all done please do the following: 1 min peanut pvc…Read More

  9. Yoga and Pilates NOW Included!

    I wanted to do a little post here to follow up on our email about the partnership with Studio Love Yoga and Elevate Fit Club. First lets start with who can take advantage of this partnership and how you can take advantage of it. This is a new perk that started January 1st 2018, and is included with …Read More

  10. December Personal Records 2017!

    Great job in the gym this last month! We had a lot of progress even through the holidays. Congratulations to all who accomplished something they have never done before. Your progress is awesome and we wanted to celebrate it, the following were recorded on the board: Adam H – 1:32.0 500m row Jeff S…Read More