We get this question a lot when it comes to the topic of personal trainers — are they effective, and are they worth the money? The answer to both of those questions is yes! A personal trainer can push you to your limits and help you achieve your personal health and fitness goals better than you could try by yourself. At our CrossFit gym, you can sign up for one-on-one workout sessions with our very talented and qualified personal trainers in Erie.

Centripetal CrossFit is Erie’s premier CrossFit fitness center, and we offer a variety of training programs for you to choose from, ranging from personal training sessions to highly motivational group classes. No matter what you choose, we’re sure you’ll see the results you desire when you choose our team of experienced coaches. It doesn’t matter your age or physical activity background — we have a space for you here in our gym. Get started today.

Continue reading below for additional reasons of why you should consider getting a personal trainer.

They’ll provide you with the accountability and motivation you need to succeed.

When you have someone to report to about your nutrition and workouts, you’ll find it’s harder to skip workouts or to order that greasy burger from your local fast food joint. Your personal trainer’s job is to make sure you complete your required workouts and to ensure you don’t lose sight of your health and fitness goals.

On top of that, you won’t want to see your money go to waste, so you’ll be more motivated to regularly check in with your personal trainer!

They’re experts in their field.

Most personal trainers have a college degree and are educated on what exercises and nutrition plans work best for a specific body type. They’ll ask you what muscle groups you want to target on or what your overall health goals are, and from there, they can properly come up with a strategy that will help you see results quickly. Sure, you could work out on your own and use Pinterest meal plans that you find, but let’s be honest — they aren’t as customizable or effective as they would be with a personal trainer.

They can tailor workouts to your personal needs.

Every person has a different body type, meaning the same workout won’t have the same effect on two entirely different people. Personal trainers can take your age, weight and physical background into consideration when creating your workout and meal plans. You’ll also avoid any plateaus that most people experience after working out for a while since your personal trainer will be able to adapt and adjust workouts to overcome those plateaus.

Schedule A Workout Session With A Personal Trainer In Erie

If you’ve been looking for a trustworthy, knowledgeable personal trainer in the Erie community, we have one for you here at Centripetal CrossFit. Our coaches have the experience and education necessary to assess your body type and to create a workout routine for you that will help you reach your goals. If personal training isn’t your cup of tea, we recommend checking out our high-energy group classes!

Contact us today for more information about our CrossFit gym or to sign up for a training program that best suits your everyday lifestyle. We look forward to seeing you in our box soon!