Everyone thinks of CrossFit as an exercise routine made strictly for athletes, or as a form of group exercise that can only be done by former athletes. We’re here to tell you that simply isn’t true, and CrossFit is a great way to get in shape — especially for non-athletes! You’ll experience weight loss, muscle gain, a positive mental attitude and much more when you sign up for either group classes or one-on-one sessions with our personal trainers.

At Centripetal CrossFit in Erie, we understand that everyone who walks into our gym has different physical capabilities and comes from different backgrounds with exercise. We make our environment warm and welcoming for non-athletes and athletes alike! No matter your experience level, we’ll provide you with effective and fat-burning workouts that are best suited for your body type and exercise experience.

Ready to get into the best shape of your life? Sign up for your first free class at Centripetal CrossFit today! Continue reading below to find out why CrossFit is a great option for non-athletes.

It’ll help you build muscle and with weight loss.

One of the best reasons CrossFit is ideal for non-athletes is that it helps with weight loss and muscle gain. Chances are, you probably don’t have a lot of experience with structured, high-intensity workouts, and this change in your routine will result in significant body changes.

You’ll also notice everyday tasks will get easier. For example, your flight of stairs at work won’t leave you as out of breath, and lifting heavy boxes or items won’t be as tiring or daunting of a task as it once was.

It’ll get you into a consistent workout routine.

Another thing you’re likely not used to as a non-athlete is the habit of consistently attending one specific group class or practice for an hour a day. CrossFit provides a fun and challenging environment that will always have you excited for your next workout!

You’ll be surrounded by like-minded people.

We have clients who consistently come in that vary in age and health and fitness goals. Some choose our gym because they want to drop a few pounds, whereas others simply want to build the cardiovascular health to complete a hike with their families.

No matter what your fitness goals may be, you’ll be surrounded by like-minded people and fellow non-athletes. Sure, we have former collegiate athletes who work out with us, too, but they are all encouraging, helpful and would never pass any judgments on their fellow CrossFit family.

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