Programing week of 6-18-2018


Warm-up Circuit:


Hand Stand Push Up (Push ups)

Strickt Toes to Bar (Reverse Sit ups)

Turkish Get up 16/12 (12/8)

Pistol (banded pistol)

Push Jerk for max 3 reps – this is the real focus please allow 40 minutes to work on a heavy jerk.


Athlete may choose bar or ring muscle-up (challenge Jumping Pull up)

5 rounds for time:

100 Ft lunge with plate overhead 35/25 (PVC)

50 Double Unders (150 Single Unders)

2 Muscle Ups (from ground each time, cannot link)


30 min EMOTM:

2 Cleans 80% 1 rep max (5 Russian Kettlebell swings 24/16)

Box Jumps

Score is total box jumps can only count after clean RX is only 2 foot take off, 2 foot landing, full extension and control.



Burpee over box

Thrusters 95/65 (65/45)


Filthy fifty (filthy 30)


Partner Wod

Cash in

Buddy carry 600 ft

Buddy carry 600 ft (as in both people carry the other down and back) Challenge 60# sand bag


Box Jump

Hand release Clapping push ups (bench push ups)

600 foot run

each person must do all sets take breaks after the other finishes so 3 then 3, 6 then 6.