The methodology we use is based on a few principles. We want to make sure you are doing healthy natural movement that translates out side of the gym. Anything we do inside the gym should serve to help you reinforce healthy movement out in the world. Our approach to this is also to be generalists, we don’t want to specialize on any one thing but we want to balance all physical tasks in a way that gives us the healthiest base with the highest capacity across those things.

To clarify with an example, if we look at a world class marathon runner they can run a sub 6 minute mile for 26 consecutive miles. This same individual typically cannot lift there body weight or jump several inches off the ground. I’m not saying this to knock marathon runners but to show the example of a sacrifice when specializing. Now if we look the other way to be fair. A powerlifter who back squats 1200# simply does not have the endurance to walk up a flight of stairs. Clearly this person has given up capacity too, in the pursuit of strength.

I say all of that to say this, we want the best balance of all these things. We don’t want to increase our speed so much that it reduces our flexibility, or to get so strong we cannot enjoy a hike, or specialize any characteristic so much that is reduces our capacity in another.

Does that concept fit in with your goals?

Is this something you think would be helpful to you?