4 count warm up (push ups, flutter kicks, mountain climbers, perfect jumping jacks) 5, 10, 15

hand off count every round

5 rounds for time with partner:

Pick down and back 200m to cone or row 250m

partner holds 45/35 plate over head (if shoulder tight barbell)

*any break in overhead form results in a burpee for both partners at the time of issue


For Reps 3 minutes a station, no rest between stations move straight to next station:

Wall balls 20/14, SDLHP 75/55, Box Jump 20” everyone, Push press 75/55

Compare to your fight gone bad score


Warm up skill practice hand stand walk or wall wall or box walk around. (20 min)

Total weight benched on 8 x 3, can add weight. Set only counts if no assistance. So if partner touches the bar, no weight is counted.


1-2-3-5-7-13-17-23 reps for time of:

Toes to bar/toes to waist/reverse sit ups

Gobblet Squats 24/16/8

Dumbbell Snatch 50/35/20


AMRAP 7 minutes of:

50 double-unders (100 Single Unders)

10 overhead squats (135/95/65)


Deadlift to 1 rep max

warm down with 2,000m row or run 1 mile.