Monday Time Cap: 18:00

For time:

200ft DB OH Lunge (50/35)

50 DB Box Step-Ups (24/20)(50/35) (Prioritize weight over height of box)

50 Alt. DB Push jerks (50/35)

200ft Handstand walk (100 shoulder touches in pike position if unable to HSW)


For max:


Squat Clean & Jerk (when weight can’t be completed for touch n go, use weight for next lower set)

Wednesday Time Cap: 22:00

Buy-In: 20 Handstand Push-Ups


Box Jumps (24/20) (prioritize jumping over height)

Medball Sit-ups (20/14)

Kettlebell swings (1.5/1 pood)

Cash out: 150ft Handstand Walk (75 shoulder touches for non Rx)

Thursday Time Cap: 30:00

In teams of 2

8 RFT:

15 Thruster (135/95)

500m Row

*One partner finishes whole round while one rests, then switch*

Friday Time Cap: 18:00


Alternating Weighted Pistols (15/10)

L Pull-Ups