Great job hitting new records and accomplishing already some of the things you’ve set out to do! On the board we had:

Dave: Back in to 36″ jeans

Julie: 2 Rope Climbs

Ken: PR for Annie of 10:27

Kendra: OHS 95#

Matt G: Back Squat 255, Deadlift 265, Shoulder Press 120

Jeff: Annie 9:27, Snatch 190#, Shoulder Press 195

Evka: 20 consecutive Double unders, 1 Strict Pull up

Shelby: 3 Strict Handstand Push ups

Kim C: 1 Box Jump

Jenny L: 3 Toes to bar, Free Standing Handstand

Jake: 150 consecutive Double Unders, 5 Strict Muscle Ups, 10:51 on 30 MU for time