Again in February we had great results, progress, and fun.

But in the center of the board, still even today, is “Getting to know everyone at the gym. – Ken Wilson” We think notes like this are one of the greatest parts of our gym! Thank you everyone who comes making this a place people love. This note is going to stay for a while. Thank you Ken for all you did for us as a coach, friend and athlete to the whole community!

Nolan – 405# Deadlift

Dave – Lost another 3#

Lyn – 265# Deadlift, 155# 8×3 Front Squat

Laurie G – 50 Double Unders

Sally – 20″ Step up, 165# Back Squat

Renee – Grace @ 65; 3:50, 187.2 Back Squat,

Vicki – Knees to Elbow

Brandon – 190# Shoulder Press

Julie – 4 Double Unders