Athletes! The gym and COVID-19!

What do we do! What are we doing?!

I know some of you are concerned and this is effecting your daily life. At the gym, we are not adjusting our schedule, but we are adjusting some of the habits to protect you through this!

3 Major things:

  • What steps for cleanliness are being take
  • If you can’t come what to do
  • The incredible opportunity for change you have!

Who should come:

You all are adults and while we don’t want to tell you what to do, we do have high risk people at the gym. Most of them are still coming, so let’s make sure to keep them safe. If you are on the fence, please error on the side of caution and take an extra day or two to return. But if you are not worried, we will be open, but are following a lot of extra steps to keep the gym as clean as possible and you guys as safe as possible.

What steps for cleanliness are being take

New Process:

As Athletes:

  1. Use hand sanitizer OR wash hands as you come in.
  2. Keep all equipment out and disinfect as you put it away.

As Coaches:

Every day everything that could be touched is getting wiped down with a bleach solution. The floor cleaner is also using a bleach solution.

Kids: for now we are requesting no kids in the gym. Normally as you know we are kid friendly, but have you ever tried to keep track of all the things your kids touch in an hour? Have you tried to do that and workout? For now, please arrange for someone to watch the little guys for an hour and take time for yourself stress free.

If you can’t come what to do

What we are doing for remote people:

For those on lock down at home we will are building at home workouts for you to follow and will have them loaded into Zenplanner so you can still get the community aspect too! And there is surplus TP for weekly prizes. 😉

If you’d like us to text you the workout please let us know by texting the gym phone number (303) 502-5387 with the phrase all one word “onlockdowngetmeoutofhere”

The incredible opportunity for change you have!

8 Week Upgrade:

The number one thing we hear from people on food and getting their diet cleaned up is; “I don’t have time…” if you are stuck at home this is the perfect time to take advantage of this time to build new habits and get lean and sexy!