If you’ve decided to go on a physical health and fitness journey to improve your overall health, one way to approach that journey is by committing to CrossFit workouts. CrossFit is a great way to get into your peak physical shape, and there’s a reason it’s gaining popularity across the U.S. — because it works.

There are about 4 million in the CrossFit family across the country, all of different ages, genders and backgrounds, and at Centripetal Crossfit in Erie,Colorado, we’re always looking to add more individuals to that number. Our box provides a welcoming and fun atmosphere so you can feel at ease while achieving your personal fitness goals. Your first class is on us, so contact us today to get started on your health and fitness journey.

Whether you’re simply interested in pursuing CrossFit workouts or you just signed up for your first CrossFit class, we go over what you can expect as a beginner in a CrossFit gym.

You’ll work hard, but it won’t be too intense right away.

We try to keep your moves simple during your first few classes so you can adjust to the style of our CrossFit workout routines. The easiest way to an injury is to do too much too soon, so we teach you the basics first and then build from there after we’ve established a foundation.

Think of your first few CrossFit gym classes as equivalent to starting a new job. Most jobs don’t just expect you to know everything the second you walk into the door — they teach you everything you need to know, then let you off on your own. We think that same strategy works best for our fitness family as well.

There are 9 basic movements.

At CrossFit, we believe there are nine fundamental movements you need to master that greatly contribute to your overall physical fitness. These moves are utilized in your everyday life, so they can benefit you when you’re outside of our box as well.

The nine basic movements include the following:

  1. Air squat (no bar)
  2. Front squat
  3. Overhead squat
  4. Shoulder press
  5. Push press
  6. Push jerk
  7. Deadlift
  8. Sumo deadlift high pull
  9. Medicine ball clean

A CrossFit gym is called a Box.

Oh yeah, we’ve mentioned this above, but we like to call our CrossFit gyms a box. Calling our workspace a “gym” gives the idea that there will be TVs, treadmills and other basic gym stuff. Our training spaces are simply a box where we work hard to reach our goals.


When you join Centripetal CrossFit, your day-to-day workouts will never be the same. That’s why we have a “workout of the day,” a.k.a. WOD.

These WODs generally consist of a warm-up, a time dedicated to skill building and an easy cool-down.  

You’ll have a great coach.

Our team of coaches at Centripetal CrossFit are highly trained and experienced to help a variety of individuals achieve their personal fitness goals. We are invested in you as a person, which shows when you come in to train.

To us, you’re not just another body. You’re a member of our fitness family. That comes before anything else.

Get started at our CrossFit Gym in Erie today!

Our coaches at our CrossFit gym in Erie always put our CrossFit family members first, always finding new ways to help them reach their personal fitness goals. At Centripetal CrossFit, you can use CrossFit’s proven high-intensity workouts and our coaches’ nutrition advice to get in the best shape of your life, with support from our other dedicated CrossFitters. If you’re looking to change up your routine or start an initial routine, you’ve come to the right place.

For more information, give our team a call today at (303) 717-7284 or fill out our online form. We look forward to helping you through your personal physical health and fitness journey!