We’ll admit it — we have a lot of unique phrases, acronyms and terms in the CrossFit world. We use these terms to describe a variety of things, from the way we describe movements in our workouts to the way we describe equipment in our gym. We find abbreviation is key in saving time and effectively communicating what we expect from you every time you walk into our “box.”

Whether you’re a CrossFit veteran or you’re simply interested in learning more about our group fitness classes, we’re sure you’ve either already heard these terms or will in your CrossFit future. If you’re unsure of what certain things mean, or if you feel like every time you walk into a CrossFit gym you’re hearing an entirely different language, we’re here to help. In this blog post, we’ll go over several terms you’ll need to know when you participate in CrossFit group fitness classes.

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Below, we’ve categorized and explained basic CrossFit terms you should know if you’re a regular to our CrossFit gym. And it’s totally OK if these terms and phrases take a while for you to remember — we know there’s quite a few, and our coaches are always willing to explain something for you when you’re confused, anyways!

The Basics

  • Box: Ahhh, the classic box. Essentially, this is what we call our gyms loaded with the necessary equipment to perform a successful CrossFit workout. We’re not your “average” gym, which is why we think we shouldn’t necessarily call it one.
  • AMRAP: This acronym is short for “as many reps (or rounds) as possible.”
  • For Time: When you hear or see this, expect to be timed during your workout. Timing how long it takes for you to complete a specific workout helps set a time for you to beat in the future, which helps in measuring your athletic or physical progress.
  • Score: Your score basically measures how many reps of an exercise you can complete during any given CrossFit workout.
  • Ass To Grass: Though perhaps not totally G-rated, this term is used for when we want you to get low for a full-depth squat.
  • WODs: Otherwise known as the “workout of the day.” Your WOD is the exact order and structure of the physical exercises you’ll complete in one given group fitness class.

The Movements

  • Burpees: One of the most effective movements for your body that ensures a full-body workout. During this movement, you’ll move from a standing position to a plank position. You’ll then do a push-up, bring your legs back to your hands and do a slight jump, reaching your hands over your head. Phew, just describing it makes us tired!
  • Kipping Pull-Up: Unlike a traditional “up-and-down” pull-up, this type of pull-up requires a specific swinging motion that allows for more efficient, faster pull-ups.
  • Pistol: A term we use to describe single-leg squats.
  • Snatch: The movement of lifting a weighted barbell from the group to above your head in one, fluid movement.
  • Box Jump: Starting from a standing position, this exercise requires you to repetitively jump up on a box.
  • Double Under: This movement is when we want you to try to get your jump rope to tap underneath you twice for every single jump you perform.
  • Thruster: The movement of going from a front squat to a push press.

Not sure how to perform any of these motions? Don’t be afraid to ask one of our coaches for help! It’s better to learn how to do a movement the correct way instead of blindly trying it and injuring yourself.

The Equipment

  • C2 Rower: Primarily used for cardio, this is a rowing machine you’ll find in many CrossFit boxes.
  • GHD: Officially named a Glute Ham Developer, and it’s the transformer-looking piece of equipment that is used for GHD sit-ups, back extensions, glute-ham raises and more.
  • Rings: These rings look like the one you’d see gymnasts performing cool tricks on at the Olympics. They’re great for a variety of workout movements, such as dips, rows and more.
  • Abmat: This is a foam wedge that you position behind your back during sit-ups. But why, you ask? It provides some cushioning for your back, and it also allows for a great range of motion.
  • Bumper Plates: When we say this, we don’t mean the ID tag you find on the back of your car. These are barbell plates made of rubber materials that catch any barbell weights when dropped — and CrossFitters love dropping weights.

Want to learn more about the folks who started working out at our Erie gym and saw results? Check out our testimonials here and start studying the lingo for our CrossFit group fitness classes because we know you’ll like what you see.

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