We don’t know why, but sometimes, CrossFit gets a totally unfair bad reputation in the fitness world. We’re told at a young age to not trust rumors, so before you decide that CrossFit isn’t a viable physical fitness option for you, or that it’s too “cultish” or “dangerous,” we want to guide you through the facts about our awesome workouts, members and ethical routines.

At Centripetal CrossFit in Erie, Colo., our coaches always provide a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere in our classes for our CrossFit family members, who range in age, gender, physical capabilities and backgrounds. Your first class is free, so contact us today to see for yourself how life-changing CrossFit can actually be.

There are plenty of myths about CrossFit floating around in the universe, but in this blog post, we’ll debunk five of them and explain why CrossFit is a phenomenal and healthy way to achieve your personal health and fitness goals.   

1. You’ll get an injury.

Sure, anytime you decide to do something physically active with your body, you increase your risk of injury. But you can’t blame that on the physical activity you’re doing, and our coaches always put your body’s best interests first.

The best piece of advice we can give our current and future CrossFitters is that if something doesn’t feel right, don’t do it. Or if something feels like it’ll be too heavy to lift, don’t lift it. When you listen to your body, no matter what physical activity you’re doing, you decrease your chances of getting an injury.

2. It’s designed only for former athletes.

Our CrossFit workouts are designed and adjusted to each of our member’s physical abilities. We have former college athletes in our CrossFit gym, but we also have women in their 60s who want to improve their flexibility and strength. CrossFit is so great because anybody can do it, which is something our coaches are extremely proud of.

3. It takes too much time to stay on track for your goals.

We recommend coming to class about three to four times a week to see drastic changes in your overall health and physical fitness. Most of our classes are only an hour each, too, which ends up balancing out to the recommended amount of physical activity adults should get weekly, anyways.

Some of our dedicated members come as much as six to seven times a week, but that’s because they opt to do so. You get out what you put in here at Centripetal CrossFit!

4. You have to be competitive to succeed.

At our CrossFit gym, you can be as competitive or not competitive as you’d like. We understand that every one of our members has different physical fitness goals — one member might be training for a competition while another might simply want to build the strength to go on a hike with their family.

It may appear, at times, that our classes are designed similar to a competition, but truly, the only person you’re competing with is yourself. If you can do better than you did the class before, you’ve already won — no matter how great (or not great) the person next to you in class did.  

5. It’s like joining a cult.

OK, please. Many outsiders classify anyone in fitness classes, from yogis to Jazzercise-ers, as being “culty.” But when you find a workout routine that you love and get to do it with other people that love it as much as you do, a bond is formed that simply can’t be explained to those who aren’t in it. That’s how we feel at our CrossFit gym.

Get Started Today At Centripetal CrossFit!

When you walk into our box at Centripetal CrossFit gym in Erie, you’ll notice everything negative you’ve ever heard about CrossFit is untrue. Our coaches and members treat each other like family, and we invest our time into our members to ensure they reach their personal health and fitness goals.  

If you’re looking to change up your workout routine or tackle one for the first time, give our CrossFit gym a try. Plus, your first class is on us, whether you’re experienced or a beginner.

For more information, give our team a call today at (303) 717-7284. We look forward to meeting you!