1. COVID-19 And your options/actions to take

    Athletes! The gym and COVID-19! https://youtu.be/JHOLdT_TUZw What do we do! What are we doing?! I know some of you are concerned and this is effecting your daily life. At the gym, we are not adjusting our schedule, but we are adjusting some of the habits to protect you through this! 3 Major things: …Read More

  2. 18.5 We are DONE! What a year!

    Thank you everyone! Thank you for those who participated, competed, and supported. Additionally, thank you to all the gym members who worked around the craziness that is the open. We have a great gym family and it was awesome to see you all come together for another great event!…Read More

  3. Febraury Accomplishments – Ken’s note

    Again in February we had great results, progress, and fun. But in the center of the board, still even today, is “Getting to know everyone at the gym. – Ken Wilson” We think notes like this are one of the greatest parts of our gym! Thank you everyone who comes making this a place people love. T…Read More

  4. December Personal Records 2017!

    Great job in the gym this last month! We had a lot of progress even through the holidays. Congratulations to all who accomplished something they have never done before. Your progress is awesome and we wanted to celebrate it, the following were recorded on the board: Adam H – 1:32.0 500m row Jeff S…Read More

  5. Living Life Better Nutrition Challenge

    Living Life Better Team Challenge We are 3 days away from the start of the Living Life Better Team Challenge. Just a reminder that the kick-off meeting is this Sunday, January 7 at 3pm at the gym. We decided to send out an email to everyone, because we don’t see all of you each day and wanted to g…Read More

  6. Making the most of your time at Centripetal CrossFit.

    Trust us. We understand busy schedules. In fact, many of the members we have here at Centripetal CrossFit initially joined because they needed a more efficient workout that didn’t require them to be in the gym for hours at a time. That’s why we’ve put together this list of ways you can make yo…Read More