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Our blog is here to inform you about how getting into CrossFit can help you build functional strength and develop a healthy lifestyle. We’ll give you the latest updates on all things CrossFit as well as other personal fitness tips and advice.

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  1. Order of Operations in Training

      Effective exercise is about more than just going through the motions. In order to get the most out of your training time and ensure safety, it is important to follow a specific sequence of operations. The following is a proven method for optimizing your exercise routine: Move correctly: The most …Read More

  2. The Snatch

    The snatch is a complex and technical Olympic weightlifting movement that involves lifting a barbell from the ground to an overhead position in one fluid motion. While it may not be a movement that is commonly included in everyday gym workouts, it is an exercise that offers a wide range of benefits …Read More

  3. The Deadlift!

    The deadlift is a fundamental strength training exercise that involves lifting a weight off the ground from a stationary position. It is a compound exercise, which means it works multiple muscle groups simultaneously, and is particularly effective at building strength in the posterior chain, includi…Read More

  4. Programming Week of 1-6-2020

    Happy New Year!!!! Monday Hang squat clean 3-3-3-3-3-3-3 reps   Tuesday 20 minute AMRAP of: 30 second Handstand hold 30 second Squat hold 30 second L-sit hold 30 second Chin over bar hold (band enough to hold for 15 sec)   Wednesday Five rounds for load and time of: :45 15 Handstand Push-u…Read More

  5. CrossFit 101: Here Are Some Terms You’ll Need To Know

    We’ll admit it — we have a lot of unique phrases, acronyms and terms in the CrossFit world. We use these terms to describe a variety of things, from the way we describe movements in our workouts to the way we describe equipment in our gym. We find abbreviation is key in saving time and effective…Read More