1. Programming Week of 7-27

    Monday For max Warm-Up: Full body, focus on posterior Skill: Bergurner Clean & Jerk In 4-6 sets, find 1 rep max (let athlete choose to power clean or squat clean) Tuesday Emphasize more for recovery, not all out efforts (focus are new 1RM( Warm-Up: elevate heart rate, upper body focus Skill: kip…Read More

  2. Programming 7-20

    Monday Volume Focus Warm-Up: Full body, focus lower body w/ high amount hip/lower body movements this month Skill: Berguner, emphasize using legs to move weight arms for pulling under Clean & Jerk 10x2 Get to 65% around 4-5 set, form dictates weight 1 Power Clean & Jerk 1 Hang Squat Clean &a…Read More

  3. Programming 7-13

    Monday Warm-Up: Lower body Focus (Hips, kees, ankles) and core Skill: practice cleans for Tuesday progress into Front Squat Front Squat (volume) 6x2 Build to heavy 2 rep, stay same for all sets Tuesday Time Cap: 12:00 Warm-Up: Full body, focus on shoulders Skill: Berguner for clean and practice foot…Read More

  4. Programming 7-6

    Monday Warm-Up: Full Body w/ posterior focus Skill: Clean & Jerk/ Burgener and pulling under bar into squat Clean (~65-75% of 1 RM) 20 min EMOM 1 Hang Squat Clean lighten weight to pull under into squat if necessary (jerk blocks great tool) 1 Split Jerk Tuesday Time Cap: 25:00 Warm-Up: lower bod…Read More

  5. Programming 6-29

    Monday: Push-Press In 3-5 sets, find 3 Rep Max Tuesday: Metcon (Recovery) 3 RFT (Quality>speed) 10 Turkish get-ups (1/.7 pood) 10 Overhead lunge (45/35 bar) 10 KB Swings (1/.7 pood) Wednesday: Back Squat In 3-5 sets, find 3 Rep Max Thursday: Metcon (Recovery) “Annie” 50-40-30-20-10 Double-Und…Read More

  6. Programming 6-22

    Monday: Push-Press 5-3-3-3-1-1-1-1-1 Tuesday: Metcon 3 RFT: 20 Toes to bar 10 Front Squat (225/155) Wednesday: Metcon 100 Double-Unders 50 Calorie Row 400m Run w/ plate (45/35) 30 HR push-ups 20 Strict Ring Dips Thursday: Front Squat 5-3-3-3-1-1-1-1-1 Friday: Deadlift 5-3-3-3-1-1-1-1-1…Read More

  7. Programming 6-15

    Monday Clean (focus arms long) 20 min EMOM 2 Hang power cleans (135/85) 1 Push-Jerk (135/85) Tuesday Metcon 5 min AMRAP: 10 Medball cleans (20/14) 10 BBJO (24/20) Rest 2 mins Repeat 3x Wednesday Back Squat 4x5 (Volume) Thursday Snatch (focus arms long) 20 minute EMOM 1 Hang Power Snatch (115/75) 2 O…Read More

  8. Programming 6-8

    Monday Front Squats 4x5 (volume, same weight for all) Then: 1 set of Weighted lunges for distance (35/25) Tuesday Deadlifts 4x7 (Volume, Same weight for all) 2x10 GHD Hamstring Curls Wednesday 25 minute AMRAP 7 Wallballs (20/14) (10’/9’) 6 Burpees 5m Handstand Walk Thursday 5 Rounds FT: 10 Pull-…Read More

  9. Programming 6-1

    Monday: Warm-Up: 15 Arm circle F&B 15 Big Hugs 10 Internal & External rotations 15 Strict Press w/ PVC 15 Trunk twists Then: 2x 10 Light Dumbbell Floor Press 10 Light Dumbbell Rows 10 Light Dumbbell shoulder press 10 Light Dumbbell Upright rows For Quality reps: A & B are super sets. Per…Read More

  10. COVID-19 And your options/actions to take

    Athletes! The gym and COVID-19! https://youtu.be/JHOLdT_TUZw What do we do! What are we doing?! I know some of you are concerned and this is effecting your daily life. At the gym, we are not adjusting our schedule, but we are adjusting some of the habits to protect you through this! 3 Major things: …Read More