1. Featured Athlete: Bri!

    She kicks butt everyday in the gym and always has a smile! Thank you Bri for trusting us to help you with your fitness. And thank you for adding so much warmth and spunk to the gym! We are lucky to have you!…Read More

  2. Programing week of 3-12-18

    Monday: With a partner for time: of A, B and C in order A: 3 rounds of 10 back squats 185/125/95 B: 21-18-15-12-9-6-3 Box Jumps 30/24/20 and Deadlift 185/125/95 patter is partner 1 (21, 21) then partner 2 (21, 21) then back to partner 1 (18,18) C: 100 ring push ups split up any method needed Tuesday…Read More

  3. 18.4 Almost in the bag!

    “Almost There…” As Luke Skywalker might say… only one week to go! Any guesses? It’s been pointed out, we haven’t seen thrusters or a repeat… 18.5 is…. 17.5? Maybe… or maybe Castro is trolling us all and neither a repeat or thrusters will happen. We’ll know soon enough! Great work…Read More

  4. Programming 3-19

    Week of 3-19-2018 Monday: 18.4 repeat or… 3 rounds for time: 10 Kettlebell thrusters 16/12kg, 10 Burpess, 10 Chest to bar Pull-ups, 10 Burpees Tuesday: Shoulder press, 5, 3, 3, 1, 1, 1 then 7 Min AMRAP: 7 WBS 20/14, 7 Hand release Clapping Push ups, 7 Toes to bar Wednesday: for time: 3-6-9-12-15-1…Read More

  5. Febraury Accomplishments – Ken’s note

    Again in February we had great results, progress, and fun. But in the center of the board, still even today, is “Getting to know everyone at the gym. – Ken Wilson” We think notes like this are one of the greatest parts of our gym! Thank you everyone who comes making this a place people love. T…Read More

  6. 18.5 We are DONE! What a year!

    Thank you everyone! Thank you for those who participated, competed, and supported. Additionally, thank you to all the gym members who worked around the craziness that is the open. We have a great gym family and it was awesome to see you all come together for another great event!…Read More

  7. programming week of 3-26-18

    Week of 3/26/2018 Monday: 3 Rounds 1 Partner Rows for 2:00 min 1 Partner does as many Turkish Get Up as Possible 20/12 kg Tuesday: 1 rep max clean Wednesday: 200 Wallball Shots with a partner One partner holds a plank. Switch every rest on WBS Thursday: Barbera 5 RFT: 20 Pull ups, 30 Push ups, 40 si…Read More