1. December Personal Records 2017!

    Great job in the gym this last month! We had a lot of progress even through the holidays. Congratulations to all who accomplished something they have never done before. Your progress is awesome and we wanted to celebrate it, the following were recorded on the board: Adam H – 1:32.0 500m row Jeff S…Read More

  2. Programming Week of 1/8/2018

    Continuing our prep for the CrossFit Open and refining basic movements, this week we are layering diet and nutrition habits with the kick off of our “Living Life Better” challenge. As of this writing we have 40% of the gym participating. Tomorrow we will post the kick off video. Monday: Living L…Read More

  3. Yoga and Pilates NOW Included!

    I wanted to do a little post here to follow up on our email about the partnership with Studio Love Yoga and Elevate Fit Club. First lets start with who can take advantage of this partnership and how you can take advantage of it. This is a new perk that started January 1st 2018, and is included with …Read More

  4. Workouts Week of 1-15-2018

    We are continuing our work on basic fundamental movements and conditioning for the CrossFit Open. Our skill work is designed to help you get past the weed-out movements that we think could come up in a workout. For example look at the toes to bar, muscle ups and Hand Stand Push Ups. Monday: 12 Min A…Read More

  5. Programming Week of 1/22/2018

    Monday: Skill practice warm up: 10 min EMOTM: Toes to bar then Hand Release Push up. Reps are min 1. 1 – 9, min 2 2-8… 9 toes to bar 1 push up 4 Rounds for time: 5 Chest to bar pull ups 20 Russian twists 35/25/15 1 lap lunges with plate around rig Tuesday: CrossFit Total 1 rep max Shoulder Press…Read More

  6. Programming week of 1/19/2018

    Monday: Partner WOD: 3-6-9-12-15-18-21 Kettlebell Swings 24/16 Burpee Box Jumps Tuesday: 8×3 back squat at 80% 1RM Annie: 50-40-30-20-10 Double Unders Sit ups Wednesday: Skill work Kipping 10 rounds for time: Knees to Elbow Toes to bar Pull up Chest to bar pull up muscle up Push up Thursday: Snatch…Read More

  7. January PR’s and Accomplishments

    Great job hitting new records and accomplishing already some of the things you’ve set out to do! On the board we had: Dave: Back in to 36″ jeans Julie: 2 Rope Climbs Ken: PR for Annie of 10:27 Kendra: OHS 95# Matt G: Back Squat 255, Deadlift 265, Shoulder Press 120 Jeff: Annie 9:27, Snatch 190#,…Read More

  8. Week of 2-5-18

    Monday: 17.1 with kettlebells 16/12 10-20-30-40-50 kettlebell snatch 15 burpee over box between each set of snatches Tuesday: Freestyle 100. For time 100 Pull ups, Push ups, Sit ups and Air squats done in any order or pattern. Wednesday: Grace Thursday: Front Squat 8×3 to a 3 rep max Warm down 3 ro…Read More

  9. Programming Week of 2-12-18

    The CrossFit Open starts in 11 days! This week is a model of how the following 5 weeks of the open will go. Each week will be geared for testing on Saturday mornings. The formate below is just shifted one day back. To explain this, if you look at Thursday its a skills and drills day, during the open…Read More

  10. Week of 2-19-18

    Monday: 6 Rounds for reps of: Row 30 sec, rest 15 sec, Ring Dip 30 sec, rest 15 sec, WBS 20/14 30 sec, rest 15 sec. Tuesday: 7×1 Weighted Pull ups then 80% for reps 7×1 Shoulder press then 80% for reps Wednesday: 20 min EMOTM: 10 lunges, 4 toes to bar Thursday: 5 RFT: 12 Thrusters 95/65, Run 400m …Read More